03 Oct

How to Choose an Orthopedic Surgeon

If you are unsure whether your injury or illness requires an Orthopedic Surgeon, please read our article What is an Orthopedic Doctor to gain a better understanding of what injuries, illnesses and disorders are treated by Orthopedics.

If you need treatment from an Orthopedic Surgeon, there are certainly many to choose from. If you search OrthoDoctors.com in your city, you will most likely see pages and pages of results returned for Orthopedic Surgeons in your area. So with so many choices, how do you choose? There are several factors to consider.

Insurance Requirements

If you have health insurance that will pay for your medical treatment, you need to understand the requirements of your health insurance policy. Some policies require that you see a doctor in their network. If you see a doctor outside of the health insurance company’s network, your health insurance policy may not pay for your treatment or may only pay for a portion of the treatment. Other polcies require that you see an Orthopedic Surgeon only after being referred by your primary care physician. Again, if you are not referred by your primary care doctor, your health insurance policy may not pay. So it is important to understand the requirements of your health insurance before starting your search.


If you have a primary care physician, that is an excellent place to start obtaining referrals for an Orthopedic Doctor. Most people go to their primary care physician first when seeking treatment for an injury or disorder. If your primary care doctor feels you need to seek diagnosis and treatment from an Orthopedic, he or she will most likely recommend several options from which you can choose. In addition, ask friends and family if they have recommendations for an Orthopedic Surgeon that they have used in the past and were happy with the results.

Orthopedic Specialties

While most Orthopedic Doctors will treat any orthopedic injury or disorder, many Orthopedic Surgeons specialize in specific areas of treatment. For instance, some orthopedic specialize in Sports Medicine which is the treatment of common sports injuries. While others may specialize in areas such as the treatment of feet and ankles, or treatment of the wrists and hands, or treatment of the spine, etc… So when looking for an Orthopedic Surgeon, ask if they specialize in the area for which you are seeking treatment. You should also check to see what Board Certifications the doctor has to ensure they are properly trained to treat your injury or disorder.

Convenience and Comfortableness

It may sound simple, but choose an Orthopedic that is convenient for you to visit. Unless you live in a rural area with few options, chances are there are plenty of well qualified orthopedic surgeons very close to you. Since some injuries and disorders require many sessions of physical therapy requiring frequent visits to the doctor’s office, you want to ensure the orthopedic you choose is close and convenient.

In addition, you want a doctor you are comfortable with. If you prefer a male or female doctor, take that into consideration as well as things such as the doctor’s disposition and communication style.

Keeping those factors in mind, we hope you can use OrthoDoctors.com to find the right Orthopedic Surgeon for your needs.